If you have been considering selling your home, the recent Stamp Duty announcement might mean that now is the time to do it! Once you decide to sell your property (and perhaps buy a new one) you’ll probably want the house to sell as quickly as possible.

We have talked before about our love for Cheshunt and why we think it is such a lovely area. With striving developments and good transport links, it really isn’t difficult to see why Cheshunt and the surrounding areas are so popular!

How do we determine what best advice actually is to help our clients?

Last weekend saw pubs reopen and people be allowed (although with some restrictions) to visit each other in their houses again. This return to normal has been welcomed by many but we understand that for others, the return to normality will be a big step. For lots of people who have been stuck indoors since March, going out into the big wide world

Mario, the Managing Director of Christopher Stokes Estate Agency discusses and covers the subject of how the Housing Market is doing and whether now is the right time to sell.

Without being biased, we love Cheshunt and we think if you knew about the area, you would too! Last year it was named the best place for London commuters to live and we couldn’t possibly disagree!

Being a landlord isn’t easy, and it helps to get assistance from a professional. Many landlords utilise the services of agents, but sometimes, this agent isn’t the optimal choice for a landlord. If you would like to explore your options, you have probably asked yourself how easy it is to switch agents during a tenancy?

External space can often be a weak spot when it comes to selling your property. Flaking paint, cracked paving stones, a garden that looks difficult to maintain, a shed that’s falling to pieces – none of these things are going to give your potential buyer the right impression.

Moving home is a stressful activity at the best of times, but for first-time parents, the process seems daunting. Caring for a young child is often more than enough to keep parents busy, but when you are moving to a new home, and unsettling their routine, you will face plenty of obstacles.

If you plan on buying a property, you may have come across property descriptions such as leasehold and freehold. You must understand the differences between these statuses and how they affect the property owner. We are here to help you consider both situations, and if you have any questions regarding leasehold and freehold property, please get in touch.

We might be a bit biased, but we love Cheshunt! When it comes to towns, we’re big fans of Cheshunt and everything it has to offer. If you’re looking for a town that has loads to see & do then relocating to Cheshunt could be just what you’re looking for.

We’re starting to see lockdown restrictions lifted, which means that within social distancing guidelines we’re able to get out and about a bit more. This is great news for people in Cheshunt and the surrounding areas because there is so much to see and do!